The probable line-up for the Round of 16 in the Concachampions


Cruz Azul hosts Forge FC in the Round of 16 of the Concacaf Champions League, to be played this Thursday at the Azteca Stadium and arrives with only one casualty.

Juan Escobar and Alejandro Mayorga would be starters in Concachampions.
© Blue CrossJuan Escobar and Alejandro Mayorga would be starters in Concachampions.

It’s time to close the process CONCACAF Champions Leaguein search of stamping the ticket to the Quarter finalsgiven that Blue Cross will receive this Thursday on the field of Aztec stadium to the F.C. of Canada, in the duel of Round of 16which arrives with a 1-0 advantage that they signed on the visit.

It is because of that Juan Reynoso must ‘optimize his resources’ as the strategist himself defines it, to choose an alternate team but one that can compete in the continental tournament, so as not to neglect the performance in the MX League, where The Machine marches as the third best team of the Closing Tournament 2022.

It should be noted that when everything seemed to indicate that Cruz Azul could have a full team for the first time so far this semester, well between coronavirus infections, injuries and suspensionstill the date John Reynoso he has not been able to get hold of all his footballers in any tournament, at the last minute suffered the loss of Christián Tabó, after suffering from his injuryso the charrúa will be the only absence tonight.

And that is good news for Machine the thing is Angel Romero is free of coronavirus and therefore will be available tonight to have his debut as a cement worker in the Concachampions, Well, this Wednesday, the Paraguayan winger received authorization from the Concacaf to be able to play the match in the Aztec stadium against the Canadian box.

Cruz Azul’s probable lineup in Concachampions:

This way, John Reynoso would come out with a line-up very similar to that of the Ida match in the Concachampionsin which you will keep Sebastian Jurado in goal; in the central they would repeat Julio Dominguez and Luis Abramwhile on the left side it would return Adrian Aldrete after overcoming his injury, while John Escobar would be on the right, taking advantage of will not be able to play in Liga MX next Sunday.

For their part, in the midfield they could appear Rafael Baca and Ignacio Rivero like the pillars, on the right wing I would repeat Romulo Otero and from the left would enter Angel Romero to debut in the continental contest; Finally, Juan Reynoso could bet on playing with two strikersso he could take a risk with the duo made up of Santiago Gimenez and Ivan Morales.

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