Pumas qualifies for the Quarterfinals after beating Saprissa

Cougars is in the Quarter finals of the CONCACAF Champions Leaguebut above all he is ready and with the scorer back just right to face the America.

And it is that after eliminating the Saprissa (6-3 overall) where Juan Ignacio Dinenno participated with three goals, it was clear that the scorer returned at the best time, because on Saturday he will be fundamental and ready to face the rival most hated.

But the day came when Pumas reunited with Saprissa in University Citywhere in 2005 the ‘Purple Monster’ left them out of a Club World Cup by winning the Final, but today the story was different, because the cats left the Costa Rican team out of the Concachampions.

In the first leg they tied at two and therefore Pumas had the advantage, but despite that, the auriazul squad, soon in the match (11′) extended that advantage with lonqie that has become the ‘seal of the house’: an accurate header from Arthur Ortiz.

And as time passed, at the arrivals of Saprissa, the goalkeeper Julio Gonzalezshowed that in Pumas they can be calm, because although Talavera is their leader, the goal is well guarded.

For the second half, the purples seemed to have rethought their behavior and had a noticeable improvement, and that’s how it should be if they didn’t want to be left out of the competence. So, at 50 game miniros, Ryan Bolanos He took advantage of a corner kick and scored a goal for the Ticos.

Pumas vs. Saprissa in the Round of 16

Universidad had to prevail and what better way than through its scorer Juan Ignacio Dinenno, who in the 75th and 80th minutes, did not miss out and scored the goals that put Universidad in the Quarterfinals, although at minute 04, Rogerio de Oliveira He closed the pass with a flourish, scoring the sixth feline goal on the global scoreboard.

While in the stands the fans were already beginning to awaken the emotions generated by the duel against America, because they were already singing to the Eagles. And this is how the University will now have to accommodate its priorities; on Saturday America and later New England Revolution in the Concachampions.


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