Montreal vs. Santos (3-0): Goals | Lagoon elimination and humiliation

The Santos Laguna It is the first failure of Concachampions 2022 by being left out in the Round of 16 at the hands of CF Montrealteam that thrashed him at home 3-0 (3-1 aggregate).

Pedro Caixinha’s team that simply does not walk in the MX League could not during his visit to Canadawhere he arrived with a goal advantage, but in the Vuelta he looked ineffective.

The visit to Canada It was all chaos, because in addition to the positive for coronavirus of his DT, the duel had to be postponed one day due to inclement Canadian weather.

Without Caixinhatest positive COVID-19the lagoon cast was overwhelmed from the beginning of the game and little by little their elimination was taking place.

He ran just minute 1 and Romell Quito wanted to surprise in a drop that did not have a happy ending for the locals and yes for the visit.

The locals followed, at 7′ a hairstyle of Joel Waterman passed very close to the goal Charles Acevedo that at 10 ‘he could no longer keep his goal immaculate since Kyoto He opened the scoring by defining after taking off the goalkeeper to make it 1-0, after the ball was left to him in a filtered stroke.

Djordje Mihailovic made it 2-0 at 22′ by crowning with a great shot a play in which Kyoto served him, he got into the area and took out the impossible flash to Acevedo.

Santos tried and at 43′, Sebastian Breza saved a shot from Fernando Gorriaranthe one that seemed the clearest of the Mexicans.

Before the break, Mathieu Choinière he took the ball and unleashed a shot that at 45′ embedded itself in the lagoon crossbar.

Kyoto he had the third at 49′ with a good shot inside the area that he saved Acevedo.

At 60′ came the 3-0 and the win. Ismael Koné was left in front of Acevedo and the one of Mali he only settled down, he shot to sentence the series.

In the few of Saints, Jesus Alberto Ocejo He attempted a shot at 79′ that went over the local goal.

In the final part just Saints continued without competing and signed the defeat and elimination, which makes life even more difficult for the coach, Peter Caixinha.


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