Juan Reynoso confesses that there is an atmosphere of harmony with the board

Juan Reynoso provided the panorama of Cruz Azul prior to the Concachampions, both on and off the field.

Juan Reynoso at a press conference prior to the Concachampions.
© Blue CrossJuan Reynoso at a press conference prior to the Concachampions.

In the strategist’s own voice John Reynoso, the differences seem to have been left behindbecause prior to the duel of the Round of 16 of the Concacaf Champions League, the Cruz Azul strategist confessed that the relationship Come in its coaching staff with the board, as well as with the players it is getting better.

Even he andPeruvian coach revealed that this Tuesday, he was present at a meal with some of the referent of the directive of La Maquinain which the president of the Board of Directors and Surveillance, Víctor Manuel Velázquezwith the aim of strengthening the union throughout the institution.

“Very well, Víctor (Velázquez) is getting closer and closer, yesterday we had a meal with the referents, Víctor and people from the board, it is a new part in the history of the club, I had not touched that the Cooperative will interact a lot with the playerstoday it is happening, that everything is for the benefit of the institution, not only the club, but the Cooperative “pointed John Reynoso in the pevia of the Cruz Azul duel in Concachampions.

Juan Reynoso warned that the rotations in Cruz Azul will be maintained

On the other hand, the ‘chess player’ announced that in order to optimize resources in Cruz Azul and be able to compete in the two tournaments, both in the Liga MX, as in the Concacaf Champions Leaguewill give you the opportunity to play other footballers who have not had much play in the Clausura 2022 Tournamentwith the aim of giving break to the usual headlines.

“God willing, tomorrow the premise of training playing to see ourselves better individually and collectively is fulfilled. We are going to give rest to some because double dates are coming, God willing, passing this stage Concachampion quarterfinalss, parties of Selection and we try to ensure that everyone is well, ready and without any risk of injurysentenced the strategist of Blue Cross.

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