He left Pachuca, he is the son of a legend and now he returns for a few pesos

Miguel Calero Jr returns to Pachuca
Miguel Calero Jr returns to Pachuca

The Tuzos from Pachuca They are one of the best teams in the competition, as they have looked quite good under the command of William Almada who has them in second place in the general table of Liga MX.

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Now those of the graceful beauty receive new news because one of their former players and son of a club legend would return to the club in search of some pesos, although this time off the pitch for what has caught the attention of the fans of the club Pachuca.

The club Pachuca confirmed the return of Miguel Angel Calero Jr, son of the legendary goalkeeper of the Tuzos of the same name and who is considered one of the best in the history of the MX league.

You have to remember that Michael Calero He passed away due to a thrombosis, while his son continued his career in the Tuzos where he played some tournaments but was unable to replicate the same success as his father, so now he will seek to do so from his desk.

What will Miguel Calero Jr do in Pachuca?

The former striker returns to Pachuca as the registration coordinator for the Tuzos del Pachuca, so the Calero surname will have another history within the Bella Airosa institution.

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