Exathlon: Ana explodes against Mati

Exathlon: All Star It has proven to be a season full of emotions and with a high level of competition from the champions and finalists of past seasons.

And it is that a situation that has drawn strong attention in recent days are the differences that prevail in the red team, especially due to the results obtained that have been negative.

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In the later competitions, when things don’t go as planned, the reds split up and go their own way.

Ana Lago explodes against Mati Álvarez

After a competition in which he passed Anne Lakethe young gymnast returned to the red team bench extremely upset with the members of her team, especially with Mati Alvarez.

According to the preview of this Wednesday, during her time on the circuit, none of the members of the red team accompanied her to give her support and advice when adjusting her shot, so Ana Lago he claimed to Mati that she always asks him to accompany her and if not, she gets angry.

Thank you for going to cheer me on… I’m just saying, when they don’t go with you, you…

Given the claims of Anne Lake, Mati Alvarez She apologizes and remains completely silent.

Ana Lago lives difficult moments in Exatlón

Since its arrival on the beaches of Exathlon: All Star, Anne Lake She has lived difficult moments due to the injury that has afflicted her knee for a long time.

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However, the young woman has shown that she has what it takes to compete, proof of this is that on Sunday she left out Ximena Duggan.

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