Atlas and Alejandro Irarragorri close the doors to Andrés Guardado

The chairman of the board of directors of Orlegi Group, Alejandro Irarragorri closed the doors in sports to Andrew Savedafter the captain of the Tricolor commented days ago that “he will not be where they do not want him to be.”

“The doors are open for anyone who wants to build, add or generate value. With Andrew I spoke personally in 2019 when we acquired the team, I invited him to play, we made an important offer and he declined because he had other personal and professional plans, today I don’t know what his situation is, but our moment is not here to consider that, we’ll see later”, he talked Alejandro Irarragorri.

On the other hand, he acknowledged this Wednesday that there could be favorable news regarding the acquisition of the team Royal Saragossa of the Spanish Second DivisionHowever, this operation is still on hold.

“I don’t have much to comment on. But it is clear that the mission and vision of Orlegi in the management of multi-teams and I have been very clear that Europespecific England and Spain They are objectives that we have outlined and in weeks we will have more to comment on it, ”said the boss of Orlegi.

Today, this group has teams like Santos Lagunathe red and black Atlas and the Wild Crab from Tampico Madero of the Expansion League and they go with everything for a team of Old continentwith the intention of expanding and giving showcases to its Basic forces from any of its three sets.

Atlas presents the Aga Academy

Finally, the High Performance Center of the red and black Atlas already has an official name, it will be called aga academy, after the trade agreement signed between the two institutions, which will last for 10 years. This, after the announcement that was made this Wednesday in the Aga bottling machine on the Pearl Tapatia.

Therefore, by the end of the summer of this year, the new project could already be working where the Atlas men’s and women’s teams will carry out their training sessions. In the presentation were Alejandro IrarragorriChairman of the Board of Directors of Orlegi Groupas well as Marcelo Garcíarce Muñiz, General Director AGA bottling machineMarcelo Garcíarce Dávila, General Director of Marketing Bottling AGA, and the players of the Women’s First Team, Joana Robles and Stephanie Anaya.

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“It is a privilege for us to be here with a company that places so much value on the state of Jalisco. I think of soccer as a tool for transformation and nothing moves us more than having the support of businessmen from Jalisco to be able to generate it. What could be better than creating together and betting on a high-performance center that helps boost this growth and turn big dreams into extraordinary realities,” he said. Alejandro Irarragorri.

The complex will have, among other things, a small stadium, where the women’s team will have its home games, as well as training fields, named after some of the soft drinks sold by this bottler.

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