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KIA recently revealed the new generation of the KIA Niro. It did, however, without giving details regarding the technical scheme of any of the variants that would make up its range. Now, thanks to the Swedish division of KIA, the technical data has been made public, as well as the estimated autonomy by the brand based on the WLTP cycle of the electric KIA Niro, revealing that the new model has experienced a slight jump in terms of efficiency compared to its predecessor.

Of everything detailed by the Swedish division of the Korean firm, the KIA Niro stands out for a competent estimated autonomy that slightly improves that of the previous generation. With a full charge of your battery you will be able to travel up to 463 kilometers, improving the previous generation by 8 kilometers. This is, however, the autonomy that the brand estimates, the official figure is still pending the final process, so it could vary slightly.

Despite the small jump in terms of total autonomy with respect to the previous generation, with it the new Niro lmanages to approach one of the greatest exponents in terms of electric cars within its own consortiumthe Ioniq 5, which officially homologates 481 kilometers in Europe in its most efficient version.

New KIA Niro.

Based on the data published by KIA, the new electric Niro will take the technical scheme of the previous generation, since the numbers are identical in the most important parts of it. The electric motor will continue to perform the same 150 kW (204 hp) that more powerful version of the previous generation, while the size of the battery is on the same level, offering 64.8 kWh of capacity.

In addition to the data of the electric version, KIA has also specified the technical details of the plug-in hybrid version, also showing a slight jump from the previous generation. This variant again relies on the 1.6-litre petrol engine and combines it with an electric motor that increases its power to 62 kW (80 hp). In total, the combined power is 183 horses.

As for the battery and electric autonomy of this version, the capacity grows from the previous 8.9 kWh to 11.1 kWh of the new model that are worth it to, with a full charge, travel 60 kilometers. This is, we insist, based on the manufacturer’s own estimates in the absence of knowing the final data approved based on the WLTP cycle, as well as the price for Spain of the three available versions.

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