The WWE youtuber who recorded a corpse in Japan

He was already very famous on YouTube before the scandal, but in 2018 Logan Paul multiplied his presence in the media due to a mistake that it would have cost anyone else their professional career in any guild. Logan went to the famous Suicide Forest in northwestern Japan to shoot one of his videos there. The youtuber was recorded laughing at a corpse that was in said forest and from there his popularity, sorry included, ended up shooting.

Now Logan Paul has more than 20 million followers on YouTube and among many other things he has stood out for entering boxing with a fight with a Floyd Mayweather who dominated the fight at all times to increase the spectacle and thus generate a tremendous economic benefit. Translation: a more than possible montage to generate money through a fight between a world champion and a boxer who has been dedicated to this for a short time.

After passing through boxing, WWE is now the one that fully enters the world around Logan Paul and has put him into his show.

This and other news such as losing more than three million buying fake Pokemon cards or giving one of his friends the presence of a porn actress for his birthday are some of the contents of the American youtuber’s channel.

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