The Mexican National Team has cold breasts leaders: Matador Hernández

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Luis “Matador” Hernandez It is clear that the current leaders of the Mexican National Team are “cold breasts” and that today those summoned are more concerned with fixing their hair and appearing in commercials, contrary to when he lived.

Annoyed by the recent results in the tie for Qatar, the Matador, who is the fourth highest scorer in the history of the representative with 35 goals, accepted the absence of elements of hierarchy and that they raise their voices for the common good.

“Today the leaders are pure cold chests, I think, as they say. I feel that by hierarchy Memo Ochoa is the only one who can express his point of view,” he told the channel Social Sports from YouTube, where he recalled that when he was selected They spoke loudly among the members, but also with technical directors and managers.

“Being a leader is not having a good game in a tie, there are many things, today the players do not speak, leading players don’t fight, they care more about getting their hair done or being in a commercial let the mother split on the field. I see it that way, maybe I’m wrong, but they have transmitted that to me, “she deepened.

Very critical of Funes Mori

One of the players he specifically pointed out was Rogelio Funes Mori, who joins an extensive list of naturalized players who “have never made a difference.”

On the Funes Mori issue I totally disagreeThey sent him to the National Team when he was going through a bad time and obviously he scored goals against teams of very low quality. He’s thinking about the fifth game, so is he going to be on the list? For me it shouldn’t be“.

He also said that

the national shirt has been devalued

and today young people with only a few good games in the First Division are called, something that has also helped the level to not be optimal.


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