Red Bull intimidates the competition with the real RB18

It was more than evident that the energy drink team had an ace up its sleeve. How could it be otherwise, Adrian Newey’s group of engineers has done it again. It is no longer a surprise that Red Bull innovates with its creations, especially in 2022, the year of the great regulatory change.

inspector hamilton

It’s no wonder that 2021 runner-up Lewis Hamilton has popped into Max Verstappen’s garage to take a close look at the star dish Red Bull is cooking up. Although the presentation of the RB18 left a lot to be desired by showing only the base design proposed by F1, now the team led by Christian Horner has uncovered its main qualities.

The new piece of Milton Keynes engineering has already been rolled out on the Montmeló track. Pre-season testing started this morning and Red Bull quickly showed that the car works, becoming the team with the most running time on track alongside Mercedes and Ferrari in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Without a doubt, his departure from the box has been the least striking. Both his rivals and the journalists and photographers accredited to the private event have had the opportunity to witness the new Red Bull lines live. And, as expected, it has not disappointed.

A groundbreaking concept

The great focus of attention has focused on the philosophy of the new full-backs. The sidepods are much more refined and positioned towards a rather rearward position. This approach put into practice combines with a thinning of the single-seater in that area, allowing a greater channeling of the air in order to make the behavior of the aerodynamic flow more efficient.

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No team has followed this trend in terms of design. Not even the star team, which has been winning the constructors’ title continuously since 2014. Only AlphaTauri has presented a similar concept, a logical result considering that it is Red Bull’s little brother.

That the RB18 has opted for such a radical and aggressive design (they have also worked on the lightness of the rear wing and the new diffuser), does not mean that it has to be good automatically. So far the tests are going well. But it remains to be determined whether Verstappen and Pérez’s new car also shows speed. We may not know until the Bahrain tests or even the first race, since Barcelona is only being the first contact.

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