‘I have no problem with him’

The lack of goal in the most recent Qualifying games heading to Qatar 2022has made the media and specialists wonder about the possibility of reconvening Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez to Mexican team.

And about it, Andrew Saved denied having problems with Hernandez enough to prevent him from returning to the national team, only that their personalities are often not compatible.

“I have no problem with ‘Chicharito’, zero problems, but when there have been things to negotiate with image rights and all that, we think the same, but the only thing we don’t agree on is the forms. ‘Chicharito’ has a more explosive way of being and I am more political, It is the only thing that we have not agreed on at a certain moment, but we have not had any personal problems, “Guardado revealed in an interview with ESPN.

The Betis footballer prior to the Tricolor game

In addition, the midfielder ruled out that there is a veto against the forward of the Galaxy and that has the doors open to the Tricolor.

“Yes ‘Chicharito‘ does he have to return to the National Team? Obviously his football is there and if he’s available to come back, if he really wants to and is up for the job, obviously he’s welcome. We cannot close the door to any Mexican player who can be useful to us and can lead us to our common goal,” he assured. Andrew Saved.

Saved and Hernandez in Russia 2018


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