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One of the favorable consequences of the pandemic is that it has served to talk, and a lot, about mental health. The health crisis has taken its toll both physically and psychologically and, in many cases, the new ways of working have influenced this.

Remote work, fear and job uncertainty have led to the emergence of new syndromes such as toxic productivity, and 32% of companies highlight mitigating the stress caused by hyperconnectivity as a challenge, according to Sodexo data. For this reason, benefit programs that previously prioritized the physical health of employees have also begun to bet on maintaining their emotional well-being.

The Ayming company, for example, has been the first Spanish consultancy to join H-Work, a European program whose purpose is to promote the comprehensive health of workers through the design, implementation and validation of tools and services to promote mental health . The human resources business partner, Laura Haro, highlights that from the management team to the different departments, the company has turned to the proposal. “A healthy and resilient company is one that is able to activate its resources and team strengths very quickly to respond to a volatile and changing environment,” she says.

In this sense, the consultant is in the first of the four phases of the program, focused on self-knowledge and identification. “These plans help to distinguish when the pressure rises and what tools we have to manage it,” warns Haro. Thus, the final objective will be to make available to SMEs and public entities a set of digital tools that will allow human resources managers and teams to self-assess themselves in all the determining factors: mental health, engagement, motivation…, in order to implement appropriate interventions. and evaluate their effectiveness.

One of the main challenges, according to the human resources director of Ayming, Rami Assaf, is the right of employees to digital disconnection. “The practices during teleworking, and afterwards, were focused on avoiding the mental saturation of the workers. We do not send any message outside of working hours and, if one arrives, we do not answer, ”he defends.

In fact, the director of the department acknowledges that more and more candidates ask about this type of question in the selection process: “The question of what the hours are was frowned upon in a job interview, but now people he wants to know if he will have time to develop outside of working hours.”

The growing demand for mental health services has driven the appearance of platforms such as Ifeel, dedicated, above all, to providing an online support service for companies in matters of emotional well-being. “We help mitigate the risk of absenteeism, presenteeism, high replacement rates and multiple problems that both employees and employers can encounter,” explains the company’s CEO, Amir Kaplan.

Glovo, Travelperk or Axa Partners are some of the large companies that already have their digital therapy services. “Awareness is growing among managers across the country,” Kaplan stresses. Employees can track their mood with exercises and self-care recommendations, as well as receive professional emotional support through chat and regular assessments to better manage their symptoms.

Among Ifeel’s team of specialized psychologists is Rafael San Román, who recognizes that the first step that companies, both large and small, must take is to explicitly include caring for people as a value. “It is not enough to say that the most important thing in the company is the people, that is taken for granted. You have to show that their well-being is valuable and it will be reflected in the strategy, methodology and processes”, he warns.

The result, he says, is greater loyalty to the company on the part of the employee: “If I feel taken into account and listened to, I won’t be wanting to leave at the first opportunity. I’ll get more involved in the task and, maybe, I don’t mind giving it a little more time. If I feel that the company crushes me, there you stay, I don’t commit myself “.

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