Arturo Brizio acknowledges Fernando Guerrero’s error in León-Chivas

Mexico City /

Last Saturday the meeting between León and Chivas was marked by controversy after the whistle Fernando Guerrero not appreciate an infringement on Angel Zaldivarwhich would have meant a penalty in favor of the Flock.

It is because of that Arturo Brizio, head of the Arbitration Commission, highlighted the action in his weekly evaluation of the Nazarenes in the Clausura 2022 tournament; for Brizio Carterthe Warrior Singer had to change his decision relying on the VAR.

“In this play, the defender of the Lion trips reckless, against the forward of the Guadalajara. The referee let the action continue. The VAR should have suggested a review on the field and the referee rectify the decision, penalizing. Is a wrong referee decision“, He pointed out in his analysis.

For Warriorthe duel between Esmeraldas and Rojiblancos was the first as a central judge in the championship, after he participated a few weeks ago in the African Cup of Nations.

At the time the offense was committed, the match was 1-0 in favor of Lion; already in the final stretch Chivas tied with both Calderon whipbut La Fiera took the victory at the last breath with a goal from Osvaldo Rodriguez.

The disaster left Chivas with only seven points, accumulating his second loss in a row after the thrashing he suffered at home against Tigres last week.

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