What was it that made Reynoso angry when he wanted to resign from Cruz Azul?

Although the waters have calmed down in Cruz Azul, the commentator Javier Alarcón pointed out what bothered Juan Reynoso after the arrival of Ordiales.

Reynoso directing before the Devil
© picture 7Reynoso directing before the Devil

Although everything had been left behind and the good sportive step of Blue Cross in the League and Concachampions it is stronger than ever, echoes again the supposed resignation that coach Juan Reynoso would have put on the table a few days ago, since now it is known that it did not exist as is, but there was a warning about what could happen if the now president Jaime Ordíales returned and modified his style.

On his YouTube channel, the sports commentator Javier Alarcón, questioned through a three and a half minute video, the main action that bothered Reynoso after the departure of Víctor Dávila from the presidency of Cruz Azul so it would have issued a warning but not a resignation as such.

“The resignation never happened, he only spoke with Víctor Manuel Velázquez to tell him, look, Jaime Ordiales is not personal. but if he comes back he should continue to respect me a, b and c. That a, b and c, we don’t know him, surely we can know and surely Ordiales let it pass”

“Surely Velázquez told Jaime ‘in these things that when you were there you handled them and that when you were no longer there Juan handled them, don’t mess with them’. And it seems that the Cruz Azul coach was much more pleased with that,” Alarcón said on his channel.

It should be noted that the drama occurred after the departure of Dávila and the arrival of Ordiales, so in some interviews Jaime could not ensure the continuity of the technician of La Maquina arousing uncertainty, but who mediated the situation was the president of the Cooperative’s Board of Directors and Surveillance, Victor Manuel Velázquez so that both parties could work in peace.

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