Tanya who ended her relationship with Ramiro

Exathlon: Guardians vs Conquerors allowed us to see the new faces of that season, among which stood out Ramiro and Tanya of the blue team.

Tanya and Ramiro told us more about their love story in Exatlón.

The athletes not only stood out for their effectiveness and performance, but also for starring in a romantic love story in the most demanding lands on the planet.

After knowing each other for several months and maintaining a beautiful friendship, the athletes decided to take the next step and seal their love on the beaches of our

reality shows

After its removal, Tanya and Ramiro They visited our Venga la Alegría forum and endorsed their love before millions of viewers.

Unfortunately, the sentimental relationship of the Mexican athletes came to an end and they announced it in the social media.

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Tanya and Ramiro end their relationship after leaving Exatlón

It was through his Instagram stories, where Tanya announced his break from Ramiro in an emotional message to his thousands of followers.

Ramiro and I are no longer boyfriends, but what we had in Exatlón was not a show either. In real life we ​​just don’t agree anymore. We have a beautiful friendship, but the romance is over

The sprinter denied that her romance with The Royal Hercules It was a “show”, because they really fell in love and became fond of each other in Exatlón: Guardians vs. Conquistadores.

Currently, Tanya is in Guadalajara and Ramiro in Monterrey, so the distance could have been the main cause of this rupture.

Everyone has their projects and we are adapting back to our routine, which I swear is a very complicated process. And I am in Guadalajara and he is in Monterrey, but as a friend I will always support him

For its part, Ramiro Garza He shared his ex’s statement on Instagram with the phrase “I love you so much Tanya.”

Tanya and Ramiro join the list of couples who starred in an intense and fleeting love story in Exathlon.

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