River Plate presented its renewed shield

River Plate presented this Tuesday its renewed, simplified, more modern shield, where the main change is the disappearance of the internal black lines and the wider band.

The president of the Núñez club, Jorge Brito, spoke with the media to explain this variation of the millionaire soccer emblem.



The president of the club, Jorge Brito, showed the new image and told details of his change.

“I like it a lot, but more important is to understand that many people have worked on this for a long time. We have been working for two years.”

“The idea was to give it more modernity, a cleaner shield and give it more relevance to the red band and set standards.”

And he specified that the angle of the red band is 58.66 °.

Within this movement of changes and renovations, the millionaire holder also referred to the importance of the reform of the Monumental stadium:



The president of River referred to the works that were done and that remain to be done in the stadium.

“The changes to the Monumental have to do with a need that we had with our partners, many of whom cannot come to the field today. We need a bigger stadium. In addition, updating seats that are from the year ’77, to more modern ones, that are anti-bandal, that are comfortable, that have low maintenance costs, those were the main issues”.

“The most important work was the field of play. That is the beginning, it is what allows us to do the work on the stadium. Without that it was impossible and we started a year and a half ago. When it is finished, it will have multiple aspects: the first and more importantly, sports, we are going to have people closer to the field of play. The second, to be able to have more people on the field, to be able to have a much broader base of partners and all of that is going to have repercussions on the economy of the club”.

“As leaders, it’s up to us to do what our members want as efficiently as possible and River is a club that pushes you forward.”



The millionaire president referred to the incorporations of the pass market and said that they will seek to be competitive.

Finally, Brito was also satisfied with the reinforcements that could be obtained for the professional squad.

“It was a transfer market that gave us opportunities, We were working quietly with Enzo (Francescoli) and the coaching staff.”

“It was a team that had to be added to keep it competitive, keep fighting at the top.”

“At the beginning I didn’t know if something was going to happen with Julián Álvarez, but it ended up happening. We still don’t know if he will leave on July 7 or at the end of the year, but he will not be in River beyond this year. That is why it was important for us to start thinking about and incorporating resources so that they are trained and adapted and do not have to go out and perform from one day to the next. We are very happy with the present we are experiencing.”

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