Neither ‘taxi drivers’ nor improvised; thus Pumas analyzed Brazilian signings

They were the object of critics And till teasing to arrive from the Fourth Division of Brazil to the Pumas in the summer market of 2021, however, Higor Meritao, Jose Roger de Oliveira and Diogo de Oliveira They are not improvised players, since they went through a process in charge of the sports intelligence department, which approved them after performing a statistical and personal analysis.

At the moment, Brazilian players are experiencing a moment that is nothing like eight months agoand have become important parts in Andrés Lillini’s scheme, emphasizing Rogeriro, who has four goals in the Clausura 2022placing himself as one of the best in that department.

How did the Pumas find the three Brazilians?

Gerardo Galindoa member of the sports intelligence department, spoke at interview with halftime How was the process to select these footballerswhich arrived when Jesús Ramírez was still Sports President of the auriazul team.

“We, as a sports intelligence area, receive proposals from some players, analyze them and deliver a report on the profiles that are close to what is being sought,” said Jerry.

“In this case, these players arrive under the command of Jesús Ramírez and Andrés Lillini, they are the ones who give us the request, to search for their data. Today we have tools for that. We give an opinion, we make a comparison with the players out there and from that we generate a conclusion”.

Although in the first tournament they did not stand out until the Final Phase, in which those from Pedregal ended up eliminating América, who had finished as general leader, in the Quarterfinals, Jerry considered that the adaptation process of Brazilians to Liga MX was longerso the results have begun to be noticed in this Clausura 2022.

For reaching Pumas they were considered as quality players, regardless of the league or category have qualities. However, the foreigner goes through an adaptation process, and that is what has happened with these players”, he pointed out.

The software that he recommended to Diogo, Rogerio and Meritao

He added that within all the parameters they have regarding the search for players, for which they investigate mainly in South America, Central America, the United States and Europe, the intelligence department also has to look at the economic issuebecause the budget is not high like that of other Mexican soccer clubs.

We observe search parameters and with the review of other details such as the family aspect, the personal aspect, the injuries that is very important. What other positions does he play and if he has played in game systems developed by the coaching staff. From these parameters we start the search and the software gives you what we are looking for“, said.

“There is a world of information, technological tools allow us to reach all parts of the world, all leagues and have videos, information, data and statistics. We have to take into account the economic issue. We know that we are a club that cannot reach certain economic references and we have to adapt to a budget to be able to find players”, he concluded.

Higor Meritao It is the one that has had the most minutes and continuity in Andrés Lillini’s squad, since in the Apertura 2021 he added 1,186 minutes in 21 games, taking into account the Regular Phase and the Final Phase, and in the current Clausura 2022 he registers 453 minutes in six duels. , that is, it already adds up to 38 percent of the minutes he did last season.

While, Diogo de Oliveira He played only 10 games and 339 minutes in the 2021 Apertura scoring two goals. He has now been active in the first six games of Clausura 2022, reporting 407 minutes and one goal, which he scored on Matchday 1 against Toluca.

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