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Being in front of your idol, who many classify as the best athlete in history, is not a minor thing, no matter what your name is LeBron James, Giannis Antetokounmpo or Luka Doncic and today are three of the greatest faces of the NBA. They all admire Michael Jordan and reacted “like children” when asked what it felt like to live with the living legend.

At half time of Stars game on Sunday, the National Basketball Association announced the members of the historical Ideal Team for the league’s 75th anniversary. 76 characters were selected (because there was a tie in votes and a “cast” was added); the last to be presented was Michael Jordanwho received a tremendous ovation in Cleveland.

Giannis ‘sweats’ when performing with Jordan

LeBron -a native of Ohio and winner of an NBA title in Cleveland- and Giannis They are also part of the legendary list of the 75 best players in NBA history and were able to live first hand with His Majestywho distributed hugs and greetings, and even issued a challenge to Magic Johnson.

“It was crazy to be there to introduce myself properly with him. I was surprised that he knew who he wasI was able to shake his hand and that for me is unforgettable,” he said. Antetokounmpocurrent NBA champion with the Bucks and two-time regular season MVP.

I wouldn’t be here without MJ’s inspiration.I always wanted to be like him growing up. Tonight’s winning shot that I hit is totally inspired by Jordan, the way he wore the uniform, the sneakers, even the cars he drove, all of that is inspired by him. We are not usually in the same building, there have been few times, that’s why it was so special,” he added. Jameswhose team beat Kevin Durant’s team in the All-Star Game.

The one who “plays” for Jordan is Luka Doncic, who at the end of 2019 signed for the brand that bears the name of the six-time NBA champion and of whom the legend expressed himself as “a phenomenal player at his young age”, seeing in it a great exponent of international basketball.

“It’s amazing, I don’t know how to explain it. That Michael Jordan knows my name is unrealI don’t know what else to say,” he said. Doncic on Sunday.

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