Miguel Layún revealed “uncomfortable” truths about the Tricolor

Miguel Layun had no problem revealing and detailing some realities about the Mexican team; mentioning the ‘moleros’ matches that take place in United States, and which are usually played against lower level rivals.

The player of America He has been part of the Tricolor team in different processes, and for this reason, he assured that these meetings ‘they are useless‘ in sports.

They don’t help me (the games in the United States). If we played there against top level teams, of course we would. While the rest of the teams compete against higher levels, we face a level of minor selections that does not allow you to take the level of competition to a much higher range,” he said in an interview with Werevertumorro.

“Unconsciously, when they make you do something against someone more capable, it forces you to increase your demands. That’s why I think that when they see the National Team playing against a higher-ranking team, like Germany, we played a fucking great game. I feel that many times the opposite happens, when you face someone who you think will be more comfortable, you are not as active and it should not happen, we should be able to compete equally against Atlético San Pancho and Germany because that is why we are professional footballers, not to play at 120 percent against one and 60 percent against another,” he added.

The two-time World Cup footballer with Mexicostated that the level of Selection it will increase when players have open doors to emigrate at their best and not when their contracts expire.

Miguel Layún playing a match with the Mexican National Team

The player who goes to Europe has a higher level of competition because you get used to a greater demand every weekend, that’s why the player who begins to excel in the MX League you must immediately look for the next step. If you want to continue to grow, you need to go to a place where you are the last in line to come back to fight from behind to overcome yourself, “he mentioned.

On the other hand, Miguel Layun highlighted that the United States National Team has been doing things in a good way with his players, becoming an uncomfortable rival for the world of 2026.

Jamaica their level has risen a lot, they are physical bastards and they have also worked technically and tactically, but I tell you something, watch out United States thinking of 2026. Let’s pay attention to what they do because it is no coincidence that most of their young people go to Europe practically as gifts. Do you know what the United States is going to be in that World Cup with its players with five or six years competing in Europe? Watch out, I’m telling you, watch out for them for the 2026 World Cup,” he said.

Miguel Layún playing a match with the Mexican National Team


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