Koke humiliates Aristeo with controversial phrase

Exathlon: All Star is about to take an unexpected turn Koke Warrior and Aristeo Cazares They will star in a strong confrontation in tonight’s chapter.

Program 18 | Part 1 | Cardiac survival series Exatlón.

the champions of exathlon They know that they are very strong elements for their teams and they are willing to go to the last consequences to be crowned champions again.

“It makes me angry that the reds have beaten us,” he says. Koke about the recent removal of Ximena Duggan of the lands and beaches of our

reality shows

For its part, Aristeo Cazares He is on the best streak of the competition, because he is not afraid to face fate.

Let’s see what fate has in store for us this day

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Exathlon: Koke responds to Aristeo after being called “insolent little champion”.

What is the reason for the confrontation between Koke and Aristeo?

Exathlon: All Star brings together the champions and finalists of previous seasons, giving way to multiple rivalries between the athletes of the most demanding reality show.

Remember that Aristeo Cazares won the second season, while Koke Warrior became the champion of Exatlón: Guardians vs Conquistadores.

“To your face, Koke… that’s what a captain does,” declares the gable in the recent advance Exathlon.

For his part, Koke is seen to be upset by the comments of Aristeo Cazares and does not hesitate to confront him with a forceful message.

Pato has to come to defend you… you left it clean

David Juarez He is another of the athletes who lives tense moments in the lands of the Dominican Republic, because he is in a bad streak and does not want to leave the most demanding competition on the planet.

What time, when and where to see Exatlón: All Star?

Find out why the fight between Koke and Aristeo took place tonight at 7:30 p.m. through our Azteca UNO signal. Join the conversation with the hashtag #AllStarEnBattle

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Exathlon: Koke responds to Aristeo after being called “insolent little champion”.

Exathlon preview, chapter 19. | Fierce duel between Reds and Blues for the Fortress. | Exathlon All Star

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