Inés Sainz tells the worst experience she had in a Super Bowl

Ines Sainz gave a lot to talk about after being invited to the program Pinky Promisein which he recounted a bad experience What did you have with a NFL coach.

What seemed like an innocent question turned into a complaint when the commentator was questioned about which NFL player she likes the worst.

The journalist confessed that she never got along with Bill Belichick for being a ‘racist and misogynist’.

He is the coach of the Patriots and he is a racist and a misogynist. For him what is Mexico and what are women cannot with them. It is always contempt, treating you badly, ”he said.

According to what she said, on that occasion Inés told her cameraman that ‘no joke’ would go with BelichickHowever, due to the hazards of life, he ran into it head-on.

The cameraman ignored me and went straight with him. When he sees with the cameraman Belichick throws me. I was very excited, I already knew what that guy was like.”

According to his experience, what gave him the most courage was that the video went viral on networks and people made fun of it.

I’m doing my job, he’s an idiot, I didn’t even extend the microphone to him and he threw me. When I saw that they laughed, I thought ‘what a sad Mexican audience’ because this is not for laughs”.

What did I do wrong?” he questioned.

My worst experience in a Super Bowl, without a doubt him. That’s why I can’t go to the Patriots”, he finished.

Here is the video of the awkward moment:

And here we leave you the Pinky Promise interview:


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