Debit card in months without interest or deferred payments?

The Debit primarily serves as a tool to manage our money without the need to drive cashthanks to the use of a Bank account staff to save your entry and saving. The biggest difference with a credit card is that, with the debit card, you only have your own moneyHowever, in the first, the funds are ‘lent’ to you by the bank.

As a result of the latter, it turns out that although both cards can make purchases, the payment schemes will be different. With credit cards, the bank generally offers the modality of payments to months without interest, deferred paymentsterm with fixed interest etc., the latter two earn interest. Instead, with traditional debit cards, the money is deducted directly from your account. However, a new alternative has recently emerged to buy products with your debit card.

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Can you buy in installments using a debit card?

As already mentioned, the bank only offers deferred payments or months without interest for credit cards. But what about companies? The new alternative to pay in installments with your debit card was recently applied by digital platforms such as Ticketmaster and Aplazo, an online network of merchants.

How can I buy deferred with my debit card?

It is a collection method that is gaining strength, stores offer you the option of purchasing their products under a fortnightly payment scheme; the consumer receives collection tickets and can decide to pay them as it suits him best. The dynamic is simple, when you finish paying the installments, which are usually five, they release the product and send it to you.

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The method has the disadvantages that you must finish paying for the product to have it in your hands, it will not generate references in your credit history, and in addition, it is necessary for the establishment to offer the payment method. However, that does not stop it from being a great option for those who do not have a credit card. The fact that they give you more than one alternative for your payments is good because you can make more purchases under the scheme that suits you.

Finally, before making any transaction, always check the terms and conditions, they may vary in each purchase platform.

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