Chicharito sets a price to ‘return’ to Chivas; How much is he asking for?

Chivas does not live its best moment in this start of the tournament, because they have only harvested 2 wins after 6 games and the fans consider that ‘they need a good striker’, after this request, it seems that Chicharito Hernandez has heard them, because the player of the LA Galaxy I already puse price upon his ‘return’ to Mexico.

Chicharito has been White of teasing and memes because he ‘looks older’, however he lives a great moment ahead of the start of the MLSWell, the Mexican closed his last friendly with a double, so returning to Chivas would not be bad.

How much does Chicharito ask for “returning” to Chivas?

through one of his direct from Twitch, Chicharito Hernandez He was accompanied by two of his friendsknown as Rivers and ElMariana, where they played Warzone, They talked about things and then a very interesting question came up.

They question CH14 on how much money is he asking for for return to Chivas, where obviously the Galaxy player respond jokingly but for many fans it leaves open the possibility of seeing it again in the MX League, before his retirement.

“Let’s see Chicha now, so compass of compass, How many bits for you to return to Chivas?”, they tell Chicharito. “A million, a million… eh, eh, it’s not true, 5 million hahahahabut for me, for my channel ”, he replied with a laugh.

How much are the bits Hernandez asked for equivalent to?

According to the page of Twittera bit is a virtual item with which they can be bought cheersthat these in turn They are voice messages that are heard during the direct of the streamers.

Now in Twitter they can buy 100 bits for 33 pesos Mexicans, so to get to the million that Chicharito asked for Hernandezwould require an amount of 330 thousand pesos; if we go to 5 MDB he asked for laterthey need to be put together 1 million 650 thousand pesos.

According to Transfermarkt the current market value of CH14 rises to 2 million dollarsso to Chivas you It would be convenient to pay the footballer directly.

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