‘Beat Pumas or go to the v…”; Álvaro Morales explodes against Solari

The Pressure is at the top with Santiago Solari and America, so much so that he is assured that they have already given him an ultimatum and Larcamón will take his place; now Alvaro Moraleswho usually breaks it every time it goes wrong, sent him a harsh message, Well, think that if next weekend they don’t beat Pumas, ‘he must go to the v…’.

America is sunken on the MX League, because after 6 days, only add up to 4 units, the result of 1 win, 1 draw and 4 losses; the main one is Santiago Solari and now they ask for his resignation, because after being leaders last tournament, this year ‘they are ashamed’.

Álvaro Morales knocked out Solari

On ESPN’s ‘Futbol Picante’ program, Alvaro Morales talked about the current America and of Solariwhere absolutely nothing was saved because they know that bad results are the order of the day and they cannot continue to endure this situation.

you’re a fucking shame for the sacred Americanism, Baños you are not saved either, Televisa has a lot of money as to be giving this result. You have the worst start in short tournaments for the America. Your defense is a disaster, your offense is not even said; what did you want to do with Layún? Pumas is coming and you are not a favorite”Alvaro Morales commented.

In addition to this, compared his America with the other big ones, because CRuz Azul, Pumas, Chivas and even the tigers are better than them, emphasizing that ‘he doesn’t know how to manage the club’.

Today Chivas is better than youa amateur team What Pumas is better than you, Cruz Azul, Tigres, are more candidates for the title than you Solari; Larcamón, who does not have your reputation, is better than you”, mentioned the ESPN analyst.

Finally and giving him a ultimatumÁlvaro Morales commented: “You are a damn shame. The match against Pumas is coming, win it or go to the v…”, sentenced.

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