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Sloppiness in the conclusion of contracts and lack of supporting documentation make the National Commission of Physical Culture and Sports (conade), who drives Anna Guevarahave 377 million 85 thousand 397 pesos to clarifyaccording to the report of the Superior Audit of the Federation (ASF) on the 2020 Public Account.

The dependency of the Ministry of Public Education (SEP) had a budget of 2 thousand 775 million 936 pesos in 2020.

The ASF gave an account of three audits: the first of them, focused on supervising the financial management that year, whose observed amount was 844 million 701 thousand pesos, of which 74 million 390 thousand remained to clarify.

According to the report, the conade made contracts for 44 million 647 thousand pesos for services, which were held by direct award, in an unjustified manner and without prior market research; 12 million 226 thousand pesos more do not have supporting documentation; In addition, services for 8 million 267 thousand pesos were paid that lack receipts, while 8 million pesos more are in canceled tax receipts, and one million 242 thousand pesos correspond to portable computer equipment not located.

“It formalized contracts without counting on budgetary sufficiency; likewise, he signed contracts with a moral person, without verifying that it had its own autonomous legal personality, which gives it legal authority, to enter into contracts as a dependency or entity of the public administration of the State of Mexico; likewise, he entered into a modification agreement for an amount greater than 20 percent of the amount originally contracted”, he points out.

The second audit corresponds to the now extinct Fund for High Performance Sports (Fodepar), in which 97 million 492 thousand pesos were found to be clarified.

Of the 312 million 916 thousand pesos that the fund had, the ASF reviewed an amount equivalent to 44 percent, of which it did not find supporting documentation to justify 30 million 458 thousand pesos delivered to federations and athletes; meanwhile, neither the commission nor Banjército accredited the reimbursement of 67 million 34 thousand pesos to the Treasury of the Federation.

In the third auditcorresponding to controlling Transfers, Allocations, Subsidies and Other Helps, there are 205 million 202 thousand pesos more to clarify.

about three audits19 promotions of administrative responsibility were issued.

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