Ana Guevara and Conade are under investigation for embezzlement of 377 million pesos

The Superior Audit of the Federation, asked to explain to the National Sports Commissionwhere were they 377.1 million pesos.

The ASF released the 2020 public account report, where it highlights nine points which the CONADEdirected byr Ana Gabriela Guevaramust explain.

Since the former sprinter arrived at the agency, several irregularities have come to light, in addition to the fact that there are complaints of mismanagement and even attempted murder.

  1. Direct awards were made in the contracting of goods and services without motivating or justifying the exception to the procedure of public tender.
  2. Goods with specific technological characteristics were acquired, without having the necessary infrastructure for their optimal operation.
  3. Equipment was received to full satisfaction, although it was different from what was paid for.
  4. Payments were made with federal public resources in fiscal year 2020, for fiscal years corresponding to fiscal year 2019are that the liability was duly accounted for and without proof of having received the goods and services to full satisfaction.
  5. It was not verified that the Digital Tax Receipts (CFDI) issued by the suppliers complied with the required tax requirements.
  6. The provision of paid goods and services, contracted with various suppliers, was not accredited because the corresponding deliverables were not presented.
  7. There were no integrable files of the beneficiaries of the Fund for the High intensity sport.
  8. They were paid with public resources to natural persons who are not active members of the National Sports Systemand some who were not accredited to be professionals, specialists or with recognized experience in the field of sports training.
  9. The adequate exercise of resources transferred to the subjects of support was not verified, and inconsistencies were observed in the figures reported in the Public Account 2020.

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