A skier suffers penis frostbite in a race

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Cross-country skiing at the Beijing Winter Olympics was known to be tough, but has reached a new level. Finnish skier Remi Lindholm has explained that during his participation in the 50 kilometer race he suffered frostbite in his penis.

As Lindholm told the Finnish media:

You can guess which part of the body was frozen when I was done. … It was one of the worst turnouts I’ve ever been to. It was just about fighting.

Apparently Lindholm’s agony was prolonged by extreme cold and wind. The athlete finished in 28th position in the 50-kilometre long-distance race, a race that was eventually shortened to 30 km due to the weather. he was very behind the winner, the Russian Alexander Bolshunov.

Lindholm reportedly spent just under an hour and 16 minutes touring the track in these icy winds, causing his penis to freeze for the second time in a cross-country ski race, after a similar incident in Ruka, Finland. last year.

The weather was so bad that the organizers of the games decided to reduce the 20-kilometer race, especially after the complaints of many of the participants, who explained that the thin suits and the inner layers that they used, as well as the band-aids to cover themselves the face and ears offered little protection from the weather.

Incidentally, Lindholm explained that he used a heat pack to try to thaw his appendix once the race is over. “When the body parts started to heat up after finishing, the pain was excruciating,” she added.

So everything and after the mishap, the 24-year-old competed in two other races in games, although he finished far off the pace of the winners. [The Guardian]

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