Without Solari and with Larcamón: the panorama of America to save 2022

The crisis at America got to the point where Santiago Solari will direct at Ciudad Universitaria next Saturday with ultimatum, for which the azulcrema directive already plans a future with Nicholas Larcamon from Summer.

The Eagles visit cougars on Date 7, stuck in 16th place in the table, with only 4 points in 6 gamesso that in the club they already contemplate several panoramas to short and medium term, in most of which the Argentine coach does not appear, according to sources of the bluecream institution consulted by Halftime.

The first viewthe most encouraging, is that Solari lift the team and get to the final of the current Closure 2022. From there it will be evaluated if he stays or not for the six months what’s left of your contractwhich ends in December.

The second stage is the most realistic and contemplate that the team does not get the expected resultsbecause so far they only add 1 win and 1 draw for 4 losseswithout hopeful football signs, even more so after the rout of 1-3 suffered this Sunday at the Azteca Stadium against Pachuca.

The cessation of Solari could happen from next weekend in the event of a loss against Cougars. In that case, the equipment be managed on an interim basis by Solari’s assistant, Gilberto Adamealthough the possibility is also contemplated that whoever enters the remove is Diego Ramirez, current sports director of the team.

Ramírez has managed Dorados in the Expansion League, as well as the Mexican National Team Sub 20beyond what was assistant of America in the age of Louse Herreraas well as in the Tricolor during the 2014 Brazil World.


The another option for him America in case of do without Solari is that the new coach is the current sweet potato helmsman, Nicholas Larcamon, who have to the team of The Strip at the top of the tournamentdespite having the campus with the lowest market value in the MX League.

The reason for the Argentina arrives until the second half of 2022 the thing is could not lead in the current America. In addition, in the summer transfer market, the board would have more time to maneuver.

Sources close to Larcamon affirmed to midtimeor that directive of America has already begun to probe to the South American strategist. The first contact was with the management of the Puebla to know the Larcamon termination clausewhich is slightly more than one million dollarssince the DT has a contract with Puebla until the end of 2022.

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