This was the mockery of Aristeo to Koke

Three weeks of competition have been completed within Exathlon: All Starwhere the high level of the athletes has surprised the millions of fans of the most famous reality show on Mexican television.

The level of the champions and finalists of the previous seasons has been so great that the sports competition has caused great rivalries and a strong controversy between some members of both teams.

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The celebration of Aristeo that caused Koke’s anger

As it is the greatest season in history, all athletes want to leave their mark and rise as the great champion of

Exathlon: All Star

During the competition one of the strongest rivalries that has been formed is the one with the champion of the second season Aristeo Cázares and the reigning winner of exathlon, Koke Warrior.

Program 18 | Part 1 | Cardiac survival series Exatlón.

Both go out to give their maximum effort so as not to be the elements with the lowest score and thus avoid going to the Elimination Duel; However, the controversy began when the first red champion made a comment that he did not like at all. Koke.

I’m a little nervous because it’s my turn against Koke, he’s a good boy

After demonstrating his great experience, Aristeo managed to prevail with some ease Kokewho never gave up and fought until the end of the circuit.

To win, Aristeo he celebrated in a very effusive way, but when he turned around in the air he hit one of the production cameras, so he decided to repeat his celebration in a way very similar to Koke.

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After that, Koke and Aristeo were made of words, as he assured that every time he beat him the curse of the sorcerer of the air would fall on him, which has given rise to an extremely interesting rivalry within Exathlon: All Star.

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