‘They shoot him so much because he is prepared’; José Ramón defends Solari

The America club is living a results crisis in this start of Closure 2022well at the momentThey only add 4 points after 6 gamesmade by which Santiago Solari is in dangerit is even said that he would have ultimatum against Pumas; Despite everything and as incredible as it may seem, José Ramón Fernández has defended him.

It’s known that Jose Ramonmain character of ESPN, is the senior anti-amechanist ‘worldwide’, but even he considers that Santiago Solari is overly criticized, Well, he is a prepared man who is going through a bad patch, and he even assures that in the media ‘no one ever liked him’.

What did José Ramón de Solari say?

At the ‘Spicy Soccer’ table, Jose Ramon commented that he has no idea why everyone ‘hates’ Solarisince in the media his work was always criticized, win or losebeing one of the reasons, according to him, that he is a coach “prepared and who expresses himself well.”

“There is an anti-Americanism, it exists, but anti-solarism has also emerged. The press, journalism dislikes… ex-coaches dislike SolariI don’t know why, maybe because he speaks well, he expresses himself well, he is prepared, for something. They were waiting for things to go wrong for him to go down with everything,” said José Ramón.

Despite having defended Jose Ramon knows that he America is playing bad And it is ‘deserved‘ be in the table background, but he remembered that the last tournament, even being the general leader, they criticized Solari for the way he won.

When Solari wonthey were saying, win because it’s practicalthe team doesn’t like it, wins 1-0, 2-1 and period. Solari never liked in the media and the public; in America it may be so. Nobody is going to cheer for this America, which is before penultimate”, Jose Ramon said.

Characters from ESPN who accompanied him, such as Chelis or Francisco Gabriel de Andaadmitted that They don’t like Solari, on the contrary, they think he is a good technician, only America is not playing well, he does not get good results and thus it is not possible to speak well of the whole team.

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