Referee fired for gambling reveals: ‘They treat me like a rapist’

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as if there were “raped or murdered someone”that’s the kind of treatment that referee Valeria Andrade claims to receive since she was recently fired from the Referees Commission for promoting bookmakers, something that goes against FIFA and FMF regulations regarding activities in which football people cannot get involved.

Interviewed by ESPNthe hissing assured to live “in fear” of being labeled as a kind of person that is not due to “a simple mistake in an act of good faith”, since he has read lies and slanders about his person, to the degree of feeling treated like a “rapist or murderer” after its sports betting promotion.

“I feel as if I have killed someone, when a mistake can be made by anyone. I made a mistake, but I feel treated as if I had killed or raped someone and well I didn’t kill anyone, I didn’t rape anyone. What I would most like is that they no longer talk ugly about me, and my name in itself was stained horribleit doesn’t seem so fair to me that because of a mistake I made they have already made it so big,” Andrade said.

What did the referee Valeria Andrade do?

It was through a story on Instagram where 75 thousand followers were able to see a video of the referee Valeria Andade, in which she invites you to participate in a bookmaker and even provides a code with your name on it for an extra bonus for new subscribers.

Consequently, she violates the Code of Ethicsas FIFA cites: “All officials, referees and footballers, as well as intermediaries and match organizers, are subject to the FIFA Code of Ethics as follows: They have Prohibited from participating in betting, gambling, lotteries or similar activities and transactionsdirectly or indirectly, that are related to soccer matches or any other activity related to football”.

Sanction for Valeria Andrade for betting

“The Referees Commission reports that as of today, February 18, Valeria Saraí Andrade Lázaro is no longer part of the whistler squad of the aforementioned Commission,” the agency reported in a brief statement last Friday.

Given all this controversy, the person involved stated that she never did it for her own financial benefit and she said “cheated” by a third party who asked him to make the mention under the alleged justification of “help women in football” to make them more visible and bring possible sponsorships closer.

They say I did it to have another income and it is not true, the truth is I did it to help someone else. That person who invited me to do the promotion [de una casa de apuestas] She told me it was to help female athletes apply for sponsorships. And I said: ‘Let’s support’. The truth is I didn’t receive any money for that promotion,” she assured ESPN.

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