Minecraft: the first approach to 1.19 finally shows us what the Warden will be like

Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update will arrive in the middle of the year, but Mojang released its first experimental snapshot to see everything new in this version.

After much waiting, we finally have the first approach to the new version of Minecraft, the Wild Update 1.19. Thanks to the experimental snapshotfans of the game Mojang could see all the new features of the next version, including the warden. Here is a brief summary with the most important of the snapshot.

The Warden

Finally, after almost two years since its announcement, we have the first approach to the Warden, the new and terrible mob. This creature will be found in the depths, precisely in a new biome that comes to the update exclusively for him: the Deep Darks. This is a biome that is found at great depths, and that stands out for the presence of sculksomething that we will tell you about.


With respect to warden per se, will be the strongest mob in minecraftable to Kill a player with full Netherite IV protection in just 3 hits.. Also, to beat him we will need to deal more than 40 blows with Edge V or 21 blows with a Netherite sword with Striking V. Undoubtedly an incredible beast, which the developers have already warned us that they do not want us to defeat it by getting on blocks.

The form of appearance warden is simple: just vast walk on the blocks of sculk and have so much close Sculk-Sensor as a Sculk Shrieker. His spawning can be both in the deep darks and outside, although it will always need light. Once summoned, it will grant the effect of darkness, but it will be easy to avoid since he won’t be able to see us. For this reason we must launch projectiles so that it detects them in another position.

new blocks


New blocks joining Minecraft are, at the moment, all related to the Warden. In this sense we have the sculk (the most normal block), sculk’s veinsthe sculk sensors that detect noise, sculk catalysts and the sculk shrieker. To obtain them yes or yes you will have to chop them with Silk Touch, since otherwise they will only give you experience. Also, the best tool to mine them is the Hoe.

The new structure

and with the new update from Minecraft a new structure also arrives: it is the Deep Dark City, if it’s the Warden too, Mojang knows all the hype surrounding this mob. The Deep Dark City they will meet in the depths of the caves, there will be endless corridors and a lot of wool that we can use for the warden don’t listen to us


These cities also have loot, but be careful that when you open a chest, the new mob will be able to detect you. Inside of the loot we will find a new enchantmentwe are talking about swift Sneakwhat can be upgraded to level III. this enchantment it is for the boots and it is used to walk faster while crouched, very useful to tour this city. Unfortunately, this “quick duck” will not be compatible with Speed ​​of Souls or Aquatic Agility enchantmentstwo of the most used books.

This is all we know at the moment about the version 1.19 The Wild Update from Minecraft. The first approach is promising, but many bugs remain to be fixed until its release in the middle of the year. If you want to try the snapshot experimental 1 of 1.19, you just have to download it on the official Minecraft page.

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