Memes of America vs Pachuca 2022 (1-3) | Nobody loves Solari

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Solarism is dead. Under that premise, the America vs Pachuca memes they take flight attacking Santiago Solarithe coach who boasts of having been at Real Madrid, but who in Mexico is adding ridiculous after ridiculous every weekend with the Eagles, whom he has in the last places of the Closure 2022.

His fourth loss in six dateswith only four points added, have all American fans against Solariwho demands his immediate dismissal along with that of Santiago Baños, sports director who is accused of mediocre signings for the institution.

The Worst short tournament start for the Eagles in nearly two decades has turned on the emergency signals. This Sunday was his third consecutive loss at the Azteca Stadium in this Clausura 2022 and in those games he has received eight goals. Hence the tremendous booing and insults to the team and coach.

Do you know what the worst is? That next week they have a Clásico at door against Cougars, the same team that decisively eliminated them last semester from the Liguilla. And in a month it will be the National Classic against the Chivas.

Memes of America vs Pachuca of 2022

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