Tigers. Herrera: “Since I arrived I said that Gignac would score a lot of goals”

Andre-Pierre Gignac don’t stop scoring goals in Clausura 2022, he already has four goals in six days and the coach of Tigres, Michael Herrerahighlighted that he finds his levellike Carlos Gonzalezwho has three goals in a row coming off the bench.

“I don’t know if you remember that since I arrived I said that Gignac was going to score a lot of goals, that our forwards had the possibility of having arrivals and putting forceful balls, last tournament he had an injury and could not appear, in the end it was important for usnow it has started as we thought, with the quality it has, I don’t know who says it’s over the effort he makes is very professional and he is returning to his level”, he said.

Charli starts again to find the bowis working well, to name two of them, but the whole team does a good job”, added the strategist.

The Louse highlighted that the team is already more offensive since his arrival on the bench and now they think about attacking and not so much in walking the ball as it happened with Ricardo Ferretti.

“There it goes, what I like is that the team already thinks aheadwhen there is no space, we are going to generate on the other side, but they quickly look for the transition forward, the centers, filtered balls and shots on goal, that leaves me calmalready they played very well, today the only difference is that the transitions are faster and He has joined the team that scores the most goals in the tournament”, he added.

blacksmith also highlighted the revulsive role played by Yeferson Soteldo in the comeback against San Luis, whom he continues to take care of the amount of minutes he has until he does not see him physically at one hundred.

“Well, the truth is the revulsions have been extraordinarythey make a difference, what they have in football is going to help us a hundred but everyone who enters does a great job so that it can be seen as a good revolution according to what we are looking for”, he declared.

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