Tennis player seriously damages a BMW for losing a point

Unusual what happened at the Delray Beach ATP 250 during the match between Tommy Paul and Stefan Kozlov. BMW’s marketing campaign did not have a great result and ended with one of the tennis players severely damaging the car. Swipe to see everything!

BMW’s marketing office had the great idea of ​​placing one of its new models inside the tennis court used at the Delray Beach ATP 250. At first it seemed like a good idea, I was going to be on camera almost all the time and each player would end up posing for the photographers next to this car.

But they never began to analyze that the vehicle located there could bother the tennis players. Stefan Kozlov had to return Tommy Paul’s serves to the side of the vehicle. The American athlete had trouble hitting a ball because of this car and, at first, he only looked at the object in contempt and then continued playing.

The BMW was next to one of the tennis players.

After losing a game and being almost out of the game, the American ended up scratching this BMW with his racket and caused very expensive damage. All his frustration and anger ended up going in this attack on one of the most exclusive cars. This didn’t help either because he would end up getting swept at 6-3 6-1.

Stefan Kozlov reacted against the BMW for a lost point.

This situation became so viral that even Danil Medvedev himselfcurrently number 2 in the ATP tennis ranking, wrote a message about it and defended the German brand. We must remember that the Russian is ambassador of BMW and his response was merely a publicity tactic to take advantage of the virality of the news.

Listen… I have no problem seeing you return balls from that far back. But don’t hit the BMW! This is my favorite car”

+ The attack on the BMW car

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