Phil Foden’s mother beaten after City loss to Tottenham

Manchester, England /

A unusual fact would have taken place in England and it is that after the Manchester City lost 2-3 to Tottenhama fanatic hit to Phil Foden’s motherEnglish player of the Citizens, where the video has gone viral and has generated great indignation.

Manchester City remains Premier League leader with 63 units, although after falling it is only 6 points above Liverpool. The defeat does not seem to have pleased the fans And because of that they faced Phil Foden at the end of the match.

What happened between the fans and Foden’s mother?

according to a video that haunts social networks, Phil Foden he was with two women at the AO Arena in Manchester, who are supposed to be your mother, Claire Fodenand his partner, Rebecca Cooke.

being in one of the hallwaysa group of fans face the english and he answers them, though doesn’t get hooked on them; enters a door, his girlfriend says things to them and then he sees his motherwho he loses control and pushes one of them.

East man answers and drops a punched Phil Foden’s mother in the face, so people who were with them, presumably arena security, face the fans. Claire comes back and pushes them, besides wanting hit them in the face, and later Manchester City player joins to the fight.

His mother you yell at Foden to go away, stay out, while everyone is ‘on the ball’ and looking to dish out blows. In the end, this group of fans was controlled and removed from the place; The condition of the lady is unknown.

East video it is presumed it was Recorded East saturday february 19hours then that him Manchester City fell to Tottenhambut at the moment there is no absolute certainty that this is the case.

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