Marvel: Kevin Feige confirms that Endgame is the last Avengers movie

At the Marvel Studios Assembled event, Marvel President Kevin Feige confirmed that Endgame is the “last Avengers movie.” We tell you everything here!

the president of Marvel, Kevin Feigconfirmed that we already saw the last film of avengers when it premiered end game. feige spoke about this topic at the recent event Marvel Studios Assembled focused on Eternals. The exact words of the president were “Marvel Studios and the MCU have already passed their 10th anniversary and with the premiere of the last avengers moviewe have completed the 22 films of the Infinity Saga.

Although feige confirmed that we will not see another film of avengers itself, there are many members of the team that are still alive. As a consequence, many theories say that, although we will not see a new film of avengers, we may indeed see a movie centered on a similar team. Some theories say that Doctor Strange will replace Tony Stark oa steve rogers, who fulfilled the role of team leader. This is because a lot of focus is being put on the character in this new Phase the MCUwith his next film as a great connector between various projects of Marvel.

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Avengers: Endgame It was the closing of the infinity saga which began with the premiere in 2008 from Hombre de Hierro. In the movie, we saw all the superheroes that had been featured in the previous movies together to fight against Thanos and his army. The film has a jump in time, which caused the MCU no longer takes place simultaneously with the real world but is 5 years ahead.

The film also served as closure for the stories of various characters. We saw the conclusion they gave to the character of Robert Downey Jr.Iron Man as well as that of Captain America and Black Widow. Their respective endings had an impact on the rest of the characters. On the one hand, the death of Hombre de Hierro left a big wound spider-man from Tom Holland and generated that many villains decided to emerge to destroy everything that Starks built.

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On the other hand, steve rogers gave his shield to sam wilson for the latter to become the new Captain America. Wilson finally accepts his new role in the series of Disney Plus focused on her character and that of bucky, Falcon and the Winter Solider. And finally, the film centered on Black Widow showed us a bit more of her story and how her sister, Yelena Belovareaches the main events of Hawkeye.

Avengers: Endgame became the highest-grossing film of all time worldwide, surpassing Avatar. But this did not last long, since james cameron decided to re-release in China the film, and thus regain first place. Today, Avengers: Endgame collection 2.7 billion dollars and is the second highest grossing film in the world.

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