La Jornada – Lorenzo Córdova calls to respect the law during revocation exercise

Mexico City. After censuring that some political actors and officials have violated the constitutional and legal restrictions during the Revocation of Mandate exercise, the president of the National Electoral Institute, Lorenzo Córdova, made a “strong call to the various political actors to respect the laws approved by legislative majorities. They are provisions that the INE did not decide but that are in the Constitution and in the law and, therefore, the electoral authority will continue to strictly apply it.

Through a video broadcast on his social networks, Córdova Vianello asserted that to date “the Revocation of the Mandate is going and is going very well.” She pointed out that 50 days after this “historic exercise” was carried out, the electoral supervisors and trainers of the INE have visited 2 million citizens to summon them to participate as officials of the reception tables.

More than 200,000 of the citizens visited have agreed to participate in this exercise, have received a first training and have been considered fit to serve as polling station officials, which reflects that society – he said – maintains confidence in the INE as an authority that organizes these democratic processes.

“That citizen trust is the cornerstone of the entire democratic system. Citizens receiving and counting the vote of their neighbors. It is not for nothing that the INE is today the civil institution with the greatest credibility in the Mexican civil state,” Córdova added.

However, in his message he disqualified political actors who have violated constitutional and legal restrictions: “I hope that those people who occupy high public positions violate or ignore the constitutional rules and the laws that their own party has approved are up to the citizenship in the days to come because that will contribute to the smooth running of the process and the strengthening of the democratic political culture of our country”.

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