Koke responds to Aristeo with a strong message

The rivalries in Exathlon: All Star continue to the surface, as all athletes want to become the absolute champion of the most demanding season.

Second series for Survival, athletes seek the Exatlón triumph.

One of the most notorious controversies in recent weeks has been that of Aristeo Cazares and Koke Warriortwo champions from previous editions of our

reality shows

“Let’s see what you bring, insolent little champion”, expressed the Veracruz about the performance of his rival in the recent weeks of Exatlón.

For his part, the champion of Exatlón: Guardians vs. Conquerors, already answered Aristeo after being called “insolent”.

Today I’m going to face the ‘Aguileón’, so I’m going to get into their game of talking like this

Koke Guerrero not only responded to the words of Aristeo Cazaresbut also made fun of the way of speaking from Veracruz.

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Aristeo Cázares causes controversy for supporting his brother in Exatlón

It’s not the first time Aristeo Cazares causes controversy in the lands of Exatlón, since he had already been in the eye of the hurricane after showing his support for Ernest Cazares.

Despite belonging to opposing teams, Aristeo showed his support for Ernesto until the day of his elimination against Doris del Moral.

For its part, The Air Sorcerer is about to become a legend after being one of the best performing knights in the competition.

On other topics, Mati Alvarez continues to recover from his knee injury and will contact Exatlón’s family on 𝗧𝗶𝗸𝗧𝗼𝗸.

The winner of the gold shirt will speak live to the 6:30 pm with all her fans who have supported her since the third season of Exatlón.

Do not miss Exathlon: All Star at 7:30 at night through our Azteca UNO signal. Join the conversation with the hashtag #AthletesInBattle

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