Juan Toscano has historic participation in Diving Contest

Cleveland, Ohio /

Obi Toppin of the New York Knicks took the Slam Dunk Contest 2022 of the NBAby beating the Mexican in the final Juan Toscano-Anderson from Golden State Warriorswho will go down in history for being the first compatriot to participate in said contest.

Toscano-Anderson immediately made it clear his pride for Mexicobecause it came out Slam Dunk Contest showing off the colors of our country, because these were worn on his Warriors uniform and on his tennis shoes.

In his first intervention, the Aztec player won a 44 point ratingthis after will jump to his teammate: Andrew Wigginswho measures nothing more and nothing less than 2 meters and a centimeterto then dump the ball into the basket with one hand.

In his second performance, Toscano-Anderson took a score of 43 pointssame that earned him to sneak into the Final of the competition against Obi Toppin.

Already in the decisive duels the Warriors player missedfirst because could not replicate Vince Carter’s historic dunkwhich was trying to get up to the elbow inside the hoop to be suspended there, which It was worth a score of just 39 points. On your second try Juanito was not able to achieve the dunkso he left the table set for Obi Toppin will take the win.

The Slam Dunk Contest had as judges great legends of the NBAas they were: Dominique Wilkins, isiah thomas, Clyde Drexler, David Robinson and Julius “Dr J.” Erving.

Who is Juan Toscano-Anderson?

the player of Golden State Warriors born in Oakland, Californiabut has the Mexican nationality thanks to his mothershe is originally from Michoacan although he had to emigrate to the United States Since I was a child; while her father is African American.

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