Juan Calero debuted as a scorer in the Portuguese Gil Vicente

Lisbon /

The Mexican-Colombian striker Juan Jose Caleroceded to gil vincent for him Zacatecas minerspremiered in Portugal and scored his first goal in the victory of his team against Belenenses that settled the team led by Ricardo Soares in the last place that gives access to European positions.

Calero played his fifth game in the ranks of Gil Vicente. Until this Saturday, he had not had much luck. Since he arrived on loan to the Portuguese club, he was not called up on nine occasions; in another seven, he did not leave the bench; and only four times he had minutesjust 34 before the duel against Belenenses.

On the fifth, Calero managed to monopolize the spotlight. He entered Soares’ starting eleven for the first time and did not disappoint to your coach. Thanks to his success, Gil Vicente began the path to victory, when with 20 minutes to go, with a left-footed shot from the penalty spot, Calero opened the scoring.

Then your partner Elder Santana signed the second goal for Gil Vicentewho won 2-0 against the last classified in the Portuguese League thanks to the appearance of Juan José Calero, who broke the tedium and a clash destined for a tie with a success that gave wings to his team.​

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