Three hospitals in Sinaloa will provide free medical care

Sinaloa.- The Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) works to integrate three hospitals in the state of Sinaloa so that provide medical and hospital services free of charge for people who do not have social security, this through IMSS Welfare.

Marcos Bucio Mujíca, secretary general of the IMSS in Mexico, explained that progress is being made in carrying out an analysis to determine which hospitals will be part of IMSS WelfareFor this reason, a meeting was held with the Governor of Sinaloa, Rubén Rocha Moya, to publicize the progress made in reviewing them.

The general secretary of the IMSS at the federal level explained that it is specifically the pediatric hospital, the general hospital of Culiacán and the general hospital of Carrizo that are being given priority as options for having infrastructure, who will be provided with equipment and medically through resources from the federal government to guarantee the supply of free medical services for people who are not beneficiaries of an institution and cannot access private medical services.

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Within the meeting, the visit of 304 health centers or first-level units, 28 hospitals or second-level units was proposed, which adds up to a total of 332 hospitals, of which the operation of their infrastructure and operation will be determined to determine which are adequate to provide the service adequately.

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