The best memes of Aristeo being the number one enemy of the blues

From the start of Exathlon: All Star, Aristeo Cazares He arrived with a different attitude from previous seasons and has been a harsh detractor of the blues. This has been noted by tweeters, who have created hilarious memes about.

In this Friday’s chapter, the red focused on criticizing the blue team because they consider themselves very good for having won after a long time.

“The blues only win once and they think, I don’t understand, they think a lot”, said Aristeo Cázares forcefully in the most demanding beaches and lands.

With the above, gable confirms that he is the number one enemy of the blues, as he has been showing in recent episodes when judging their strategies.

It is not the first time that Aristeo Cazares causes controversy in our sports reality show, since he had already been in the eye of the hurricane after showing his support for Ernest Cazares.

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Aristeo marks rivalry with Koke

In addition to judging everything the blue team says or does, Aristeo marked a personal rivalry with Koke, as he has called him immature, compared him to a child, and called him an “insolent little champion” recently.

“Let’s see what you bring, insolent little champion,” said the parkour practitioner about his rival’s performance in recent weeks of Exathlon: All Star.

It was precisely in this Friday’s chapter when Koke and Aristeo competed, but it was the Air Sorcerer who snatched the victory from the host of Venga la Alegría Weekend Edition.

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