Minecraft: Invaded by Street Fighter: Ryu, Ken and more

News expected from capcomas there were strong rumors that they would be releasing more news soon about their celebrations as they plan for a busy year.

Everything seems to indicate that it has already started, since an interesting proposal has been revealed for the celebrations for the Street Fighter 35th Anniversarythat is why the studio decided to bring content from its popular franchise to another title that is one of the most played, that’s right, we talk about Minecraftwhich has received great skins of some of the iconic characters in the saga.

The World Warrior Skin Packis the name of the content created by 57Digital and capcomwhich is a complete package of 35 items that will allow all your followers of Ryu, Ken, Chun Lias well as other characters within Minecraft.

This package, in addition to the skins of the characters of street-fighterwhich also includes surprises for fans of the franchise, because among its skins, it includes classic and recent characters, so you will have access to guile, Blanka, Zangief, Sling, Akuma, bison, Seth, jury and much more.

Added to all this, it also includes a total with 13 items for the character creator and this content, is now available in the Marketplace the Minecraftyou can get it in exchange for only 490 minecoinswhat’s more Capcom also prepared an item for the character creator that can be obtained at no cost, said reward will be available for 60 days counting from yesterday, February 18

minecraft is available for Playstation 5, Playstation 4, Switch, xbox series x, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, pcas well as for devices with iOS and Android.

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