Ford sets a date for the new generation of Everest, the Ranger SUV

As we have repeatedly told you, Ford is preparing to present the new generation of Everest, an SUV based on the new generation of Ranger. Although it is currently offered in some markets, the sport utility does not have a global character, but is focused on very select countries in Asia.

With the next release of the unpublished Everest, the idea is to transform it into a global model that is marketed in different continents. That is why there are rumors about a possible landing in our country and could even have a chance of being manufactured in Pacheco.

Nowadays, the plant in the Buenos Aires town is undergoing spare parts to produce the next Ranger (already presented worldwide) starting next year. These changes you’re getting the terminal could come from the hand another model and in turn it should be remembered that almost three years ago Focus said goodbye to the national assembly line, leaving an “empty hole”.

ford ranger

Taking this background into account, It would not be unreasonable for Everest to land in the industrial center located next to the Panamericana. Anyway, first we must wait for his presentation to see what happens.

While the latest tests were visible with few camouflages, added to some projections, Ford presented the first image in teaser format to give rise to the world presentation. With premium equipment, comfort and style, it intends to compete against models such as Toyota SW4, Chevrolet Trailblazer, among others.

Under the hood, it will have the same engines as the upcoming midsize pickup and a hybrid version that has already been seen. Beyond the fact that details are still lacking, all the information will be available on next March 1when the new Everest sees the light.

Ford Everest

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