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Formula 1 introduced a particular qualifying rule in the 2014 season. Since that year, the drivers who made it to Q3, that is, the Top 10 of Q2, they had to start the race with the same set of tires with which they qualified. This measure of almost a decade of travel was implemented to find a certain strategic variety, and the truth is that it has been achieved in several weekends.

A controversial rule

In view of the hardness and endurance that Pirelli tires have been presenting for yearsthe World Cup opted for this measure, which at this time has left very clear philosophies when facing the most important part of the weekend, that is, Saturday and Sunday.

Thus, the most advantaged teams usually opted to risk mount medium tires in Q2, aware that it could be worth them to get the pass to the fight for pole. This situation gave them an advantage in the first stint of the race due to the fact that not having to stop soon with soft tires. Meanwhile, the rest of the ranking reserved the right to choose the compounds it wantedwhether they were soft, medium or hard, and new, compared to the Top 10, which had to come out with tires with a few laps on them.

However, this approach has also been criticized. On the one hand, the fastest drivers have complained at different times that It hurt them to go out with used rubber bands, or with one that was not of their choicewhile the eleventh-place contenders to the finish have also maintained that who have had a real advantage They have been Mercedes and Red Bull, not seeing their start compromised. Similarly, the eleventh position has come to be seen as a ‘strategic pole’which was not liked by those who have closed the Top 10.

Thus, after several months of debate regarding this rule, and after it was practically confirmed that it was going to be eliminated, today cancellation has been made. The FIA ‚Äč‚Äčtoday published the World Cup sporting regulations for the 2022 Formula 1 season and this requirement no longer appears for qualifying and the race.

Therefore, facing the new campaign, the free choice will return to the grid, in a year in which Pirelli will release tires, with 18-inch wheels, and in which, as expected, compounds that degrade much are not expected either. , as was the general rule until the 2013 season.

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