The forceful message from Reynoso to Ordiales after the victory of Cruz Azul

Cruz Azul achieved an important victory in Concachampions
Cruz Azul achieved an important victory in Concachampions

The Blue Cross Machine achieved its triumph at the Forge of Canada in the first leg of the Concachampions in the round of 16 where he took a minimal advantage for the second leg. However, it is your relief the spirits inside the sky-blue dressing room after the news last week.

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Jaime Ordiales makes a call to sign peace for Cruz Azul

Prior to the meeting of the Canadians, things inside the dressing room of the light blue did not look good at all, since he talked about a dispute between Jaime Ordiales and the cement staff because they did not have a healthy relationship.

It was even mentioned that the Peruvian coach risked being relegated from his post if he did not get the victory of the Canadians, then several options for his replacement were already being analyzed.

So the victory in the match in Canada eased things inside the sky-blue dress and delivered a clear message to the board headed by ordinalswhere a very united team is shown.

What’s next for Cruz Azul?

The sky-blue will face on date 6 the Red Devils of Tolucawhere they will be able to correct their course after losing to Necaxa, so they would have the opportunity to continue at the top of the competition.

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The Cruz Azul player who boasts Messi’s shirt and is not Giménez

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