Ramón Morales confesses in which party he was afraid of being assassinated

Stories and anecdotes continue to come out of that visit from Chivas to Boca Juniors on the Libertadores Cup 2005 where the Argentines were left out and an unfortunate event occurred with coach Jorge Benítez spitting on Adolfo Bautista and the suspension of that match in which Ramon Morales left in an ambulance with Albert Medinaand with the directive of the Guadalajara running to avoid being attacked.

Two of those who lived through that anecdote laugh today, but Morales together with Amaury Vergarawho that time was accompanying his father, Jorge VergaraThey gave details.

​​“An ambulance took us out because we were going to the Confederations Cup, from there, almost at the same time in the ambulance, the ambulance man tells us medina deer and to me: “Thank God that we are from River, because if we are from Boca we kill them”, he recalled in the podcast Trasmutando with Amaury Vergara.

Ramoncito remembered that that night when they left Mouth of the Quarterfinals on aggregate 4-0.

Fear in soccer I only had once and that was when we went to Boca, there I did think they were going to kill us. Not the game, that they were going to kill us. They threw some stones, and I told the referee to finish it, this is dangerous, a stone to my goalkeeper, there are no guarantees, the referee approaches me and tells me ‘Capi, if I finish it they’ll kill you and me, so we are going to play it, in the end they suspended it. There I was afraid, it’s the only time, “added Morales.

Amaury He also spoke of that moment, remembering that they left the stadium running.

“In gayola too,’we are going to kill them‘, and it rained on us. We didn’t know what was happening because we did not see the Bofothe rampage was visible, but we did not know the details, we found out about the gargajo until we got into the dressing room, ”added Amaury.

We did not see when they said it is suspendedme and those of us who were there, Nestor (De la Torre), Toño Cue, someone said ‘Jorge, let’s go because this is going to get rough’. We were in the middle of the ramp and you hear that the game is over, people come out, they locate us, it was to go down and turn the whole of La Bombonera.

Is for this that I know they ran while it rained everything on them.

“’There is the owner of the Chivas’, and run. We ran all around the stadium because they were coming from behind and it rained down on us sticks, bottles, pieces of the stadium, everything,” he commented. Vergara.

Ramón Morales still regrets the failed penalty against Sao Paulo in 2006

Another of the chapters that do not forget Ramon Morales It was that penalty missed against the Sao Paulo in the Copa Libertadores 2006.

“I have been asked what what would I change about my career and I tell them, nothing, because one learns from everything. The good and the bad times. For example, still I get the flash of the penalty that I missed in Sao Paulo, still, and I still say ‘Fuck Ramón, why didn’t you shoot from below’. I put others in, but that one still comes to me, ”she commented.

Morales was able to play in Atlas

In his stage in Chivas, Ramón Morales could be an Atlas playerWell, Salvador Martínez Garza, who was president at the time, thought of changing him to the Foxes just when Jorge Vergara I was buying the team.

“I think I even had three owners: when I arrived it was Salvador Martinez and there was the sale of the club. One day Don Salvador calls me, I had little in Chivas, Bravo, Venado and I wereand Don Salvador’ Ramón tells me, there are possibilities that the team will be sold and you are the player for whom we believe we can get more money for youthen we are going to sell you, and there is the possibility of a exchange I think with Atlas‘, and I ‘no’, I have nothing against Atlas, but I told him no, that he just arrived”, said Ramoncito.


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