‘Program with Minecraft’: the course that will change your child’s chip

If you want change your child’s chip from gamer to programmer and equip him with new life skills then you have to consider the ‘Program with Minecraft’ course.

Your children, girls, boys and teenagers can learn programming at BYJU’s Future School, the largest EdTech in the world. Educational technology, EdTech, it is the pedagogical intellectual space whose object of study is the media and information and communication technologies.

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The EdTech, has become the tool that enriches the teaching process of children and adults. Apps and other types of technological tools are used to improve learning.

BYJU’s Future School has three learning programsa platform of its own, with a single interface to facilitate direct interaction with the teacher and have the entire curriculum and progress of the course in one place.

Course ‘Program with Minecraft’


‘Program with Minecraft’, is a course that provides skills for different areas of life for children and adolescents, the course also changes the vision of your child from a player to a video game programmer.

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The course ‘Program with Minecraft’, is aimed at boys, girls and adolescents from 5 to 17 years old, they do not need to be experts in Minecraft or have notions of programming, since the course adapts according to their level of knowledge. That is, the content varies depending on the age and ability of each student.

Armando Flores, Director of Operations for BYJU’S Future School He shared in an interview for Paréntesis.com that even if a 5-year-old child does not know how to read, he can learn programming logic through forms and actions and progressively learn to write codes.

What your children will learn in the Programming with Minecraft course


The EdTech BYJU’S Future School has a disruptive methodology with online experience since before the boom of this modality with the pandemic.

The specific programming logic of BYJU’S Future School, It is a logic that becomes a skill for life, since children and adolescents will learn the language of how we interact with digital devices.

Armando Flores points out that all the technological devices we have use a language behind them that we do not understand, but that children can begin to understand.

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In addition to logic and programming language, the Programming with Minecraft course will learn how to create Minecraft modswhich are scenarios with difficulties that you have to interact with to reach a goal, like a game.

Children and teenagers will be able to create the mods with different levels of difficulty, after learning how to create the functions and how they interact, that is, what is the logic behind it. what allows them create a game of the theme they want as long as it does not involve violence.

What are the ´Programming with Minecraft’ classes like?

The course has a flexible scheme, with individual classes that fit the schedules of boys, girls and parents, and its activities; since you can schedule from 2 classes a week, although they can be as many as you want, in a schedule from 9 to 9 hours local time in Mexico City.

That is, the last class can be taken from 9-10 at night, considering the activities especially for teenagers. And the best thing is that you can reschedule the class 24 hours beforeand if the little ones get stuck on a topic, there is a booster, in the style of an extra advisory class, to answer questions and reinforce knowledge.

Therefore, the program is personalized and individual, according to age, abilities and advances, which is why it is for all children. Parents of children and adolescents are informed by mail after each class that your child learned and they send you an alert if you have not connected to class and they already have technical support that resolves any technical incident.

BYJU’S Future School methodology, shows the course ‘Program with Minecraft’, not as an extra task but as a fun experience, through trained Teachers so that students are attentive and more interested in creating games than just playing them.

Armando Flores also shared with us that you can schedule a free class, at this link. When you do, they will be able to contact you, check your equipment and your internet and schedule your class. You can take the sample class from your smartphone.

to sign upor there is a fixed date because they are personalized and flexible programsbut the program is made up of several stages and up to 150 classesand you can start the same day.

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